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In a housing market at the cusp of evolution, Build-to-Rent (BTR) communities offer unparalleled allure. Yet, the brilliance of BTR remains an untapped secret to many. Enter GRO. With an award-winning legacy in both home-building and multifamily marketing, we stand ready to jointly propel your BTR communities into the spotlight. We don’t just market your communities to your prospects; we educate, inform, and influence. Our precision-crafted marketing campaigns captivate potential residents from their initial discovery of the BTR concept, right through to the moment they receive the keys to their new home. Partnering with GRO means not only maximized lease-ups and ROI, but also pioneering and leading in the BTR revolution

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With our marketing expertise, GRO won’t help you just sign leases and fill homes — we’ll help you build thriving BTR communities and expand your portfolio. Utilizing a potent blend of cutting-edge marketing channels, we consistently drive unparalleled results and set the gold standard for BTR marketing success. Here’s how we do it.e content, and web design so sleek it slides straight into residents’ hearts, we catapult your multifamily community from background noise to center stage. Our game plan? To ensnare your target audience’s attention at every click and corner, making your community the undeniable hero of their housing saga. This is how we do it:

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D.R. Horton Nashville

GRO’s marketing strategy helps D.R. Horton Nashville triple home sales and set new records in their market.

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RISE Julington

GRO Boosts RISE Julington's Leasing Efforts While Surpassing Digital Marketing Benchmarks.

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The Parker

GRO's TikTok and Google Ads Campaign Drives The Parker to 100% and lays the groundwork for continued success.

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Build To Rent Marketing 2024 FAQ

BTR communities that have sufficient marketing budgets usually invest in a combination of brand awareness and lead-generation digital marketing tactics. For brand awareness, social media advertising campaigns (facebook/instagram) and geofence display advertising are all wise choices. To convert in-market prospects (people actively researching BTR communities) into leads, we highly recommend paid search advertising on Google.

It varies by market, but all branding and creative elements (logo, renderings, marketing collateral, fence signage, and website), should be complete and launched three to six months before leasing begins. This will provide your new BTR development enough time to generate awareness and build frequency with prospective renters.

It is very common to reduce or pause investment and marketing tactics when a BTR community reaches 100% occupancy, but certain marketing channels should run continuously. Budget should always be allocated towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve or sustain your organic rankings, as it is highly likely that your competitors will continue to perform SEO on their websites.

Typical Build-to-Rent websites showcase six core pages: Home, Floor Plans, Amenities, Gallery, FAQ, and Contact. Additionally, it’s frequent to find sections dedicated to the local community and virtual tour features.

Any goal or event on your website where a prospect’s information is submitted should be tracked and labeled as a conversion. This includes form fills, click to calls, applications, tour schedules and live chats. Engagement events such as time on site, pages per visit and “get directions” link clicks are also important metrics to track, as they are all positive indicators that a conversion is probable in the future.

We recommend allocating a very small portion of your overall paid search advertising budget to target your community name (branded keywords) for the following reasons – being able to switch information such as availability and specials in your listings, having a presence while your new website organically climbs the Google rankings and defending from competitor properties.