Student Housing Marketing Case Study

The Parker Case Study

GRO's TikTok and Google Ads Campaign Drives The Parker to 100% and lays the groundwork for continued success.


Located at the prime intersection of East 1st and North Park Avenue, The Parker stands as a beacon of modern student living just a stroll away from The University of Arizona. This brand-new, LEED-certified building is more than just a place to stay; it’s a hub for students to thrive in Tucson. The Parker is uniquely positioned to blend convenience with campus life – it’s a stone’s throw from university classes, events, and games, and equally close to the vibrant dining and entertainment scenes of Downtown Tucson. Every aspect of The Parker is crafted to offer a sophisticated student lifestyle, combining luxury with sustainability. From spaces designed for relaxation and socializing to areas focused on energy and concentration, the community caters to every facet of student life. The commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in its design, making The Parker one of the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly options in the city. Awaiting LEED Silver certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s rigorous standards, The Parker isn’t just a place to live; it’s a testament to living sustainably without compromising on style or comfort.


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In the competitive landscape of student housing near The University of Arizona, The Parker recognized the need to distinctly stand out to its primary audience: students aged 18-24. To effectively reach and engage this demographic, GRO developed a strategy that not only included proven tactics like paid search, SEO, and geofencing display but also embraced the power of TikTok advertising. Understanding the significant presence of their target audience on TikTok, GRO tailored a campaign to capitalize on this platform’s vast reach among university students.

Another key component of this strategy was the implementation of retargeting within their social media advertising. GRO acknowledged that students typically don’t commit to housing after just one ad or website visit. Retargeting allowed The Parker to maintain a consistent presence in the digital space where its audience spends the most time. By continually surfacing The Parker’s messaging, retargeting ensured that the community remained top-of-mind for students as they navigated their housing decisions. This comprehensive approach aimed to not only introduce The Parker to potential residents but also to build a lasting connection, keeping the community front and center throughout the decision-making process.

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100% Leasing Occupancy Achieved! Digital marketing benchmarks exceeded. Strong outlook for 2024.

GRO’s innovative digital marketing approach, combined with their strategic use of TikTok, yielded remarkable results for The Parker. In its first year, this targeted strategy not only led The Parker to a stellar 100% occupancy but also secured a robust 90% pre-lease rate for the 2024 leasing season. The effectiveness of GRO’s campaign was further highlighted by its efficiency in conversions, achieving high conversion rates at a low cost. This success not only took great care of Dinerstein’s marketing investment but also underscored GRO’s capability in driving substantial results.

The triumph of this campaign showcases GRO’s expertise in navigating the student housing market and their ability to leverage emerging social platforms to reach and engage the target audience effectively. The Parker’s achievement of full occupancy and strong pre-leasing figures stand as a testament to GRO’s proficiency in translating strategic marketing efforts into concrete leasing successes, exceeding the expectations of both the property and its ownership group.

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