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When marketing your senior living community, the aim is not just to capture attention but to create a positive, memorable impact. Partnering with GRO ensures your community doesn’t just get noticed—it becomes the preferred choice for potential residents and their families. Our approach to generating more leads involves a dynamic mix of innovative digital marketing and visually striking design. This ensures that our campaigns not only grab attention but also resonate deeply with those making significant living decisions. With GRO, your community evolves from one of many options to a destination of choice.

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Equipped with precision in digital marketing magic, stunning creative content, and web design so seamless it effortlessly captures the hearts of residents, we elevate your senior living community from mere whispers to the spotlight. Our strategy? To captivate your target audience’s attention at every interaction and turn, positioning your senior living community as the ultimate protagonist in their search for the perfect place to call home. This is our approach:

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Senior Living Marketing 2024 FAQ

Senior living communities with healthy marketing budgets typically spread their investment across search advertising, display advertising, and different strategies for social media advertising. Google’s paid search advertising usually takes the lead as the most favored and often the most effective method, followed by advertising on Instagram and Facebook. When the budget allows, incorporating geofence display advertising is highly recommended.

It is quite typical to reduce or pause investing in certain marketing tactics when a senior living community reaches full occupancy, but some tactics should remain active at all times. Continuously investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is wise to improve or preserve your organic rankings, given the high likelihood that your competitors are applying SEO efforts on their websites.

Every interaction or event on your website where a prospect submits their information should be tracked and recognized as a conversion. This includes activities such as filling out forms, making click-to-call requests, submitting applications, booking tours, and using live chat services. It’s also essential to monitor engagement metrics, like the length of time spent on the site, the number of pages viewed in a single visit, and clicks on the “get directions” link, as these are important indicators of a likely conversion in the future.

We advise using a small part of your paid search ad budget to target ads that use your community’s name. This is important for a few reasons: it lets you quickly change info like open spots and special deals in your ads, helps your website get noticed while it’s moving up on Google’s search results, and keeps competitors from stealing your spotlight.