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In the competitive world of student housing, standing out is not just an option—it’s a necessity. At GRO, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with marketing student communities. Our tailored, multi-channel digital marketing campaigns are designed to do three things: attract more students, secure more leases, and empower owners and operators to clinch more deals.

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Armed with razor-sharp digital marketing wizardry, eye-popping creative content, and web design so sleek it slides straight into students’ hearts, we catapult your student housing from background noise to center stage. Our game plan? To ensnare students’ attention at every click and corner, making your community the undeniable hero of their housing saga. This is how we do it:

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Parker - Interior
The Parker

GRO's TikTok and Google Ads Campaign Drives The Parker to 100% and lays the groundwork for continued success.

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Marshall Birmingham

GRO produces a lifestyle video for Birmingham's newest student community

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The Walk

GRO builds an unforgettable brand for a posh, upscale new student development in Tuscaloosa and Starkville.

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Aero on 24th

GRO's digital marketing and retroactive geofencing strategy helps Aero achieve success in the fiercely competitive Gainesville market.

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Student Housing Marketing 2024 FAQ

Student housing communities that have sufficient marketing budgets usually invest in a combination of search advertising, display advertising and an array of social advertising tactics. Paid search advertising, usually through Google, is the most popular and typically the most effective choice, followed by Instagram / Facebook advertising, TikTok advertising and then geofence advertising.

It varies by market, but all branding and creative elements (logo, renderings, marketing collateral, fence signage, and website), should be launched three months before leasing begins. This will provide your new development enough time to generate awareness and build frequency with students and parents.

It all depends on the market. Some university leasing seasons begin in the late summer before classes begin where others begin the following January of the academic year. For most markets, brand awareness and SEO start in the summer and the full marketing program is launched in the fall. It’s very common for student housing communities to increase marketing spend and launch new marketing tactics in the spring semester as well as the summer semester to make a final push.

It is very common to reduce or pause investment and marketing tactics when a student housing community reaches 100% occupancy, but certain marketing channels should run continuously. Budget should always be allocated towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve or sustain your organic rankings, as it is highly likely that your competitors are continuing to perform SEO on their websites.

The most common student housing websites feature six pages including the following pages: Home, floorplans, amenities, gallery, FAQ and contact.

Any goal or event on your website where a prospect’s information is submitted should be tracked and labeled as a conversion. This includes form fills, click to calls, applications, tour schedules and live chats. Engagement events such as time on site, pages per visit and “get directions” link clicks are also important metrics to track, as they are all positive indicators that a conversion is probable in the future.

We recommend allocating a very small portion of your overall paid search advertising budget to target your property name (branded keywords) for the following reasons – being able to switch information such as availability and specials in your listings, having a presence while your new website organically climbs the Google rankings and defending from competitor properties.

GRO has several clients running successful TikTok campaigns, but this answer varies depending on the location of your community and target university. TikTok has improved its targeting capabilities recently, but unfortunately, due to student housing falling under a special ads category, the minimum location targeting must be city and you cannot target users by age. In addition, TikTok’s minimum daily spend is $20, which is significantly higher than other social ad platforms. We recommend only investing in TikTok advertising if you have a healthy budget and are already investing in the other core digital tactics (paid search, SEO, Meta advertising, geofencing).

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