Homebuilder Marketing Case Study

D.R. Horton Case Study

GRO’s marketing strategy helps D.R. Horton Nashville triple home sales and set new records in their market.


Despite all of the uncertainty and challenges that 2020 had brought, the Nashville branch of D.R. Horton was in the midst of a very strong year. However, their Nashville team had a hunch that their paid digital marketing programs were falling short. D.R. Horton asked GRO to run a thorough audit of their marketing tactics and statistics. GRO was able to uncover several liabilities in their current marketing programs such as mismanaged campaigns, inaccurate user targeting, and poor clarity on performance data. GRO was confident that they could leverage their talent and resources to quickly improve D.R. Horton’s digital marketing programs.




Nashville, TN


Paid Search Advertising
Geofence / Display
Social Media Advertising


D.R. Horton

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Diversity Ad Dollars To Drive More Awareness

The first course of action was to diversify their ad spend. D.R. Horton Nashville was previously investing all of their dollars into one, single tactic – Google Search. GRO certainly wanted to keep some of their investment in paid search, but the obvious missed opportunities in other channels were glaring. Both Social Media and Display campaigns were launched from day one and the returns were immediate. A community that had been quite the challenge over the previous few months, tripled its sales in the first month GRO took over. By implementing these new tactics, when a potential home buyer ended up on a D.R. Horton community landing page, they were immediately thrust into the retargeting funnel, enabling GRO to serve interested users’ ads as they browsed their Social Media feeds or other websites throughout the day. Staying in front of a home buyer, day by day, across multiple channels is one of the single, biggest factors when influencing a decision of this magnitude.

In addition to the multi-channel attack, GRO wanted each community to have its own, unique voice. In creating ads for 9 of their Nashville developments, each had its own creatives with property-specific photos and property-specific selling points. This was effective in ensuring each user that was served an ad, saw the photos and highlights of the community in the neighborhood that they were actually interested in.

Social Media Ads

Most Sales In D.R. Horton Nashville’s History!

By the second full month of service, the efforts culminated in the most sales in D.R. Horton Nashville’s history for the month of October. GRO worked closely with the D.R. marketing team, convening on bi-weekly calls and other check-ins to ensure statistical success on the back-end with clicks, conversions, etc. were corresponding with a healthy number of in-person showings and sales.

The Numbers

% Growth in sales in the first month after campaign launch
The Most Sales In D.R. Horton Nashville’s History For The Month Of October
Ads Served, Reaching Over 1 Million Unique Users
0 M
Paid Search Conversions
Total Campaign Clicks
Total Campaign Cost Per Click
$ 0