Multifamily Marketing Case Study

LOCAL Boise Case Study

GRO accelerates leasing velocity for LOCAL Boise while exceeding performance benchmarks.


LOCAL Boise, nestled in the dynamic heart of downtown Boise, epitomizes the fusion of modern living with urban flair. This distinctive property offers an array of living options including studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and co-living apartments, each designed with a sleek, functional aesthetic that transcends conventional boundaries. More than just an apartment complex, LOCAL Boise is a vibrant community surrounded by the city’s finest offerings – from tantalizing eateries and boutique shopping to eclectic art galleries. The property boasts club-quality amenities and signature spaces that redefine sophistication, complemented by panoramic cityscape views that are unrivaled in their beauty. LOCAL Boise stands as a masterpiece of contemporary living, offering residents not just a place to live, but a lifestyle immersed in the rich cultural tapestry of downtown Boise.




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Cardinal Group

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In the bustling landscape of downtown Boise, LOCAL Boise faced the critical challenge of distinguishing itself in a saturated market. Cardinal Group recognized the necessity of boosting LOCAL Boise’s market presence and engaged GRO to spearhead this initiative with urgency and innovation. GRO’s strategy hinged on a diverse digital marketing strategy, targeting the vibrant demographic of young professionals and growing families in search of their next home. This approach integrated a dynamic array of digital tactics: Google Paid Ads, Social Media Advertising on channels like Facebook and Instagram, alongside advanced Programmatic and Geofence Advertising, all reinforced by strategic SEO. The intention behind this multi-channel strategy was not just to generate buzz around LOCAL Boise, but to transform this increased visibility into concrete, high-quality leads, and ultimately, successful leasing conversions.

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Solutions & Results

GRO’s digital marketing strategy for LOCAL Boise rapidly accelerated leasing, achieving an impressive 86% occupancy in a fast-paced market and setting a clear path toward 100% occupancy. By consistently outperforming digital campaign benchmarks, GRO not only underscored their expertise in driving significant results but also affirmed their role in establishing LOCAL Boise as a burgeoning multifamily community. This success highlights GRO’s ability to exceed client expectations, efficiently converting marketing efforts into tangible leasing milestones.

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