Healthcare Marketing Case Study

Eco-pi Case Study

GRO introduces a revolutionary women’s health product to the world.

Simplifying the urine sample process with a sustainable solution for plastic replacement.

eco•pí® is the first disposable paper urine sample collection device for the elderly, pregnant moms, and OBGYN offices. Tuscaloosa-based Abbi Jones, founder and creator of eco•pi® shares her story: “When designing ecopi®, people would ask me, Why paper? And I always answered with, Why NOT paper? With 6 million tons of single-use plastics being thrown out every year, and hospitals being a large contributor to that number, why wouldn’t we use paper? While there is a place for plastic in hospitals, Dr’s offices, labs, etc, there is a huge opportunity to move into an area of paper. ecopi® is a sustainable solution for plastic replacement and using a renewable resource, yet strong enough to hold full cups of liquid. Because it can be thrown away after use, it also cuts down on wasted water and energy for washing and sanitizing. I believe now is the time to look closer at the medical field and replace plastic with paper where we can – and it is starting with urine specimen samples.”






Visual ID
Website Design
Promotional Video
Package Design




Website Design for eco•pí®

Bringing the eco•pí® vision to reality.
It’s not every day that we have the opportunity to work on a breakthrough healthcare product that makes the world a better place. During the eco•pí® identity creation process, our goal was to develop a creative identity that projected both an environmentally and user-friendly feel. We decided the logo needed to be simplistic and easy to read, and feature colors representing our beautiful planet. Once the visual ID was established, we were able to successfully replicate the elements across eco•pi®‘s packaging, illustrations, website and promotional video.
eco•pí® promo video
“Love working with GRO! They have grown with me from the very beginning of my business to where I am now. Phillip has done an amazing job on all my designs, building my website and a promotional video. The best!”
Abbi Jones – creator of eco•pí®