Orthopaedic Marketing Case Study

Crovetti Orthopaedics Case Study

Crovetti's Bet on GRO Delivers 1,000 Leads in One Month


Crovetti Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine (COSM) has been at the forefront of orthopedic care in the Las Vegas Valley for over two decades. Led by Dr. Michael Crovetti, COSM is recognized for its innovation in orthopedic surgery, developing new instruments and surgical devices. Dr. Crovetti’s commitment extends beyond the operating room as he dedicates his expertise to training surgeons globally on hip and knee surgery advancements.




Las Vegas, NV


Paid Search Advertising
Geofence / Display
Social Media Advertising


Crovetti Orthopaedics

Phase 1: Mastering Paid Search with Precision

In the partnership’s initial phase, GRO focused on meticulously refining Crovetti’s paid search campaigns. By strategically narrowing down on high-value keywords and implementing an extensive negative keyword list, we significantly reduced irrelevant traffic. This laser-focused approach wasn’t merely about increasing website traffic; it was about drawing in genuine prospects, leading to a surge in new patient consultations and surgical bookings. The impact was profound, with a 286% increase in lead volume, a 68% cut in cost per conversion, and an impressive 13% conversion rate, demonstrating the power of a well-targeted campaign.

Phase 2: Going All In on Digital Marketing
Following the solid foundation laid in the first phase, Crovetti was ready to up the stakes. The increased marketing budget allowed GRO to widen our strategy, incorporating SEO, Geofence Display Advertising, and Social Media advertising. This comprehensive digital expansion wasn’t just about visibility; it ensured Crovetti’s message resonated and remained with potential patients throughout their decision-making process, further enhancing consultation and surgery rates.
JACKPOT: Crovetti’s Bet on GRO Delivers 1,000 Leads in One Month!

By January 2024, the bold strategy paid off spectacularly – generating an extraordinary 1,000 leads in a single month. This achievement wasn’t just a win; it was a testament to the potent synergy between Crovetti’s medical expertise and GRO’s digital marketing finesse.

The Numbers

Total Conversions
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Total Campaign Impressions
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% Conversion Rate
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% Click-Thru Rate
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The evolution from targeted beginnings to achieving a significant milestone illustrates the dynamic partnership between Crovetti and GRO. It highlights how strategic foresight, coupled with expansive and innovative digital marketing tactics, can lead to remarkable success. As we celebrate this pivotal achievement, we are inspired by our journey and excited for the future. The story of Crovetti and GRO is still being written, marked by a commitment to reaching new heights and redefining excellence in digital marketing.