Student Housing Marketing Case Study

The Campbell Case Study

GRO helps The Campbell lease up 100% in lightning time.​

A new dev comes to Tally

The Campbell is a new student housing development located in the heart of Tallahassee, Florida. The property features luxury student apartments, popular retailers, and top-notch dining options. The Campbell is more than just a place to live or shop – it’s a destination where residents and visitors can experience the best that Tallahassee has to offer. The community is designed to foster connections, with amenities such as a rooftop pool, outdoor grilling stations, and a resident lounge.

The 908 Group selected GRO, their proven partner in past successful lease-ups, as the creative and marketing force behind The Campbell’s leasing strategy. Our mission was to craft a visual identity that would positively resonate with FSU students. Once the identity was developed, the focus would shift to launching a vibrant, multi-channel digital marketing campaign, meticulously crafted to engage FSU students at every step of their housing decision-making journey.


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Website Design for The Campbell

Digital Marketing – hit ’em with the one-two punch!

The Campbell’s digital marketing campaign was designed to engage students at every point in their housing decision-making process. A strategic mix of social media advertising, geofence display advertising, paid search advertising, and SEO was deployed to maintain a consistent presence from the initial awareness stage through to the final decision-making phase. The intent was clear: to ensure that whether students were en route to class, having lunch, or checking their phones before bedtime, The Campbell’s ads would be a constant presence in their daily routines and influence them for the months leading up to leasing season.

Geofencing and Display Advertising

For the awareness phase, the campaign leveraged a combination of geo-targeting and geofencing to capture students’ attention across display and social ad platforms. By setting geofences around competitor properties, classrooms, dorms, and other FSU/Tallahassee landmarks, the campaign aimed to educate and engage FSU students with frequent, targeted interactions.

Social Media Ads

Paid Search Advertising

Given the competitive landscape of the Tallahassee market, the selection of digital tactics and targeting strategies required both creativity and precision. During the intent and consideration phases, a significant portion of the budget was allocated to Google Search Ads, with a focus on highly specific student-related search terms such as Tallahassee student apartments or FSU student housing. This granular approach to keyword targeting ensured that The Campbell’s marketing budget was concentrated on attracting qualified traffic. By deliberately excluding broader housing terms (ex: Tallahassee apartments) , the campaign avoided wasting resources on unqualified leads who were not actively seeking a student housing community, thereby enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Website Retargeting

All digital ads for The Campbell guided prospects to a lively and engaging website that was expertly designed to drive conversions. For those not ready to commit during their first visit, a robust retargeting campaign was strategically deployed, ensuring The Campbell remained a continual influence throughout their decision-making process. By the time students were ready to finalize their housing choice, The Campbell emerged as the clear front-runner.

100% Leased in 3.5 Weeks!

The campaign’s success was nothing short of remarkable, with The Campbell reaching 100% occupancy in just 3.5 weeks, setting a record for the fastest new student development lease-up in the Tallahassee market’s history! It’s a testament to the efficacy of our digital marketing strategies and the seamless collaboration with Asset’s on-site leasing team. This achievement highlighted GRO’s expertise in the digital marketing realm and underscored the power of targeted, multi-channel marketing approaches in the Tallahassee student housing market.

Financial efficiency was a standout aspect of the campaign, with a cost per conversion of only $12, significantly outperforming the industry benchmark of $50. This efficiency, coupled with the campaign’s rapid success, enabled The Campbell to conserve eight months’ worth of marketing budget, underscoring the financial and operational benefits of a well-executed digital marketing strategy.

The Numbers

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