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The Julington

GRO’s innovative approach helped The Julington stand out in a crowded market.

About The Julington

The Story

RISE hired GRO to develop a compelling marketing strategy to promote The Julington, their luxury apartment building located in the competitive Mandarin neighborhood of Jacksonville, FL. With numerous rental options available in the area, RISE needed an innovative approach to capture the attention of potential renters and stand out from the competition.




Jacksonville, FL


Digital Marketing

GRO's approach

capture attention & stand out

To meet this challenge, GRO created a dynamic, multi-platform marketing plan that targeted potential renters at every stage of their renting journey. RISE and GRO worked together to leverage geofencing to reach users in popular Jacksonville hotspots and competitor apartment buildings to spark their interest. GRO then utilized Facebook and Instagram interest targeting to narrow their audience, ensuring that their ads were displayed only to users who were likely to be searching for an apartment in the area. Finally, GRO’s Google Ads search campaigns were optimized for high-intent searches, reaching users who were actively looking for apartments in the Mandarin neighborhood.

To maintain brand awareness, GRO also incorporated retargeting campaigns to stay top-of-mind with users who had recently visited The Julington’s website. By creating a comprehensive marketing approach, GRO engaged potential renters at every touchpoint of their renting journey.

the results

becoming the first choice for renters in Jacksonville

GRO’s energetic marketing strategy delivered impressive results for The Julington. The search campaign achieved a remarkable 7.85% conversion rate, with a search CPA of only $25.20. Across all platforms and campaigns, the conversion rate was an impressive 4.7%, with a $50 CPA. Display campaigns had a low $11.66 CPM, which effectively maintained brand awareness for The Julington among potential renters who had recently visited the website.


Overall, RISE contracted with GRO to create a multi-platform marketing strategy that successfully attracted high-intent renters and helped The Julington differentiate itself in a crowded market. The dynamic approach resulted in strong conversion rates across all platforms, making The Julington a top choice for potential renters in Jacksonville, FL.

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