Digital marketing Case Study

Symmetry Financial Group

GRO helps Symmetry Financial Group successfully break into the digital sales space and exceeds expectations. 

Exceeding Expectations

The Story

Symmetry Financial Group (SFG) is the fastest growing insurance marketing organization in the country. Based out of Swannanoa, North Carolina, Symmetry employs thousands of life insurance agents across the country and has earned multiple Inc 5000 honors. Remarkably, SFG’s impressive sales pipeline was built by solely utilizing offline marketing tactics. Digital marketing tactics were nowhere to be found in their marketing arsenal.

SFG knew that there was a huge opportunity for their organization to grow through digital marketing but were unsure on where to start. SFG contracted with GRO to build a digital marketing strategy that would consistently produce leads to further strengthen their pipeline. The goal was to produce digital leads at a cost cheaper than what they were paying per offline lead.




North Carolina


Digital Marketing


Paid Search Advertising

GRO's approach

Strike First with Search Ads

Starting out, the GRO team knew that paid search advertising (Google Ads / Bing Ads) would be the best marketing tactic to utilize for SFG because they knew that when users performed searches revolving around life insurance on Google or Bing, there was a high probability that they already passed through the awareness stage of the marketing funnel and were currently in the consideration state, meaning that they were in-market for life insurance products that very moment. 

Then, the GRO team needed to determine what search keywords to target for SFG. There are thousands of keywords in the life insurance universe and the majority of them are high traffic / low quality keywords, meaning that if you’re not careful, you can waste thousands of dollars on unqualified opportunities. GRO found a specific set of keywords centered around a niche life insurance product that was one of SFG’s strongest products. GRO and SFG agreed to focus on the niche product and launched the campaign.  

the results

Digital delivers!

SFG wanted the cost per lead amount from the paid search campaign to at least match their cost per lead amount that they were generating with their offline marketing tactics. GRO successfully met the cost per lead mark, and then some. In fact, GRO’s search campaign was producing leads at a cost of 60% less than the offline marketing tactics!! 

The success of the niche campaign has allowed SFG to invest more budget into search advertising and additional campaigns promoting their other life insurance products…those campaigns are also generating leads at a cost below their target goal.

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Lower Cost Per Lead Compared To SFG’s Offline Marketing Tactics

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