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Renegade Tallahassee

GRO creates a unique identity for Renegade Tallahassee, blending FSU’s classic pregame rituals with vibrant, elevated elements.

Elevated Living Reimagined

The Story

Renegade Tallahassee is true elevelated living reimagined. Nestled in the heart of Tallahassee, Florida, the new student housing development is within a short distance from Florida State University’s campus. Residents have the ability to walk to class at the College of Medicine, cheer on the Noles at Campbell Stadium, or indulge in their favorite morning coffee fix within minutes.


Renegade Tallahassee has the perfect space for everyone with an array of floor plans and unbeatable amenities. The community is dedicated to enhancing the college living experience, offering unparalleled comfort and convenience with features like the rooftop pool and fire pit, pickleball courts and fully-equipped fitness center, and an abundance of private and group study rooms.


Student Housing




Brand Identity 

Website Development

GRO's approach

An Eye-Catching Brand Identity and stunning ads

GRO successfully collaborated with the Renegade Tallahassee team to captivate the community’s unique and distinctive elements, resulting in a fierce and symbolic logo, website design, and ad creation. 

The logo design incorporates all elements of FSU’s iconic pregame ritual that features the flaming spear, horse, and rider. Blended together, Renegade Tallahassee’s branding is eye-catching and bold, additionally featuring a stylish mixture of colors, patterns and fonts.

Website creation

an engaging website to excite students for fall 2023

The Renegade landing page embodies the property’s elevated look, showcasing the intricate pattern in the background. The primary and secondary brand colors burst forth, capturing attention and giving the site a unique edge. Emphasizing the proximity to campus, outstanding amenities, and the innovative studio pod feature, the website delivers a seamless user experience while standing out prominently among other properties in the area. GRO’s collaboration has resulted in a website that echoes the property’s distinct character and offers a glimpse into the vibrant community it represents.