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Parc Riverside

GRO’s comprehensive marketing strategy helps engage Washington D.C. renters with impressive results.

About Parc Riverside

The Story

Parc Riverside, a luxurious apartment building in Navy Yard, Washington D.C., was facing fierce competition in the city’s apartment rental market. GRO knew that to make Parc Riverside stand out, they had to implement a comprehensive marketing strategy that would captivate and engage potential renters.




Washington DC


Digital Marketing

GRO's approach

achieving maximum impact

GRO came up with an innovative marketing plan in collaboration with Toll Brothers Apartment Living to showcase Parc Riverside’s features and amenities. To achieve maximum impact, they used a combination of search and social media channels to target potential renters in the D.C. area. GRO used granular neighborhood targeting to ensure that their search ads were displayed to users who were actively considering living in Navy Yard. By focusing their ad spend on the most actionable searches, they optimized the likelihood of conversions.

On Facebook, GRO targeted renters in D.C. who were in the market for a new apartment. Their creative strategy included featuring images and videos that showcased the building’s stunning finishes and views. GRO’s team also retargeted users who had visited the Parc Riverside website to keep the brand top-of-mind for those who were not yet ready to make a move.

the results

fantastic results!

GRO’s targeted marketing approach yielded fantastic results for Parc Riverside. The search campaign delivered an impressive 9.74% conversion rate, while the search CPA was just $23.28. The Facebook campaign also performed exceptionally well, with high engagement rates and significant brand awareness among potential renters. Overall, GRO’s comprehensive marketing plan helped Parc Riverside differentiate itself from the competition and attract the attention of the right renters.

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