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Orthopaedic Marketing

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Having trouble winning patients? Marketing efforts falling short?

GRO’s certified digital marketers help orthopaedic clinics all over the country win new patients through carefully planned marketing programs that are custom-tailored to meet your goals. We frequently and proactively make optimizations to ensure that your marketing dollars are stretched as far as they can go.

Digital marketing & creative services

Paid Search Advertising

Be present when patients search for terms relevant to your practice on search engines.


Climb the search engine rankings so you can be discovered by new patients.

Social Media Advertising

Using Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to engage and influence potential patients.

Programmatic Display

Generate awareness for your brand via websites, apps and streaming services.

Geofence Advertising

Serve ads to users who physically dwell in targeted locations and track walk-in conversions.

Streaming Radio Advertising

Serve ads to your target audience on Spotify and Pandora.

OTT / Connected TV

Serve ads via SmartTV through today's most popular streaming services like Hulu and more.

Website Development

Beautiful, mobile-friendly, search-optimized WordPress websites that drive conversions.

Creative Services

Turning your vision into reality. From branding to collateral, and everything in between.

how we do it

The Process

We’ve worked our tails off to earn the reputation of being one of the most trusted digital marketing agencies in the industries we serve. Here’s a little snapshot of what you can expect when you engage in a partnership with us.

Once the agreement is signed, both parties will attend a 30-minute to 1 hour phone call to introduce team members, reaffirm goals and expectations, and solidify campaign timelines.

The kickoff call was a success and we’re now BFFs. It’s time to get to work. To start building your campaigns, we will need all of your relevant creative and digital assets. Creative assets include logos, visual ID kits, brand standards guides and any approved photos/copy. Digital assets include access to Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, social profiles/ad accounts and your website content management system. The sooner you provide GRO with your assets, the sooner we will be able to launch the campaigns.

Now that we have all of the necessary assets in our possession, it’s time to start building your campaigns. Your campaigns will be designed to generate as many qualified opportunities at the lowest cost possible and structured in a way to quickly identify winners and losers (AB testing). Once the setup is complete, your campaigns will run through a final checklist to ensure all of your messaging, creative and budget pacing are 100% accurate. This is also the time your campaign dashboard will be created so you can view campaign performance from anywhere at any time!

To quote the movie Top Gun, “Let’s kick the tires and light the fires!” All systems go. Your campaigns are live! Now the real fun begins.

Campaign data will start to come in immediately after the campaigns launch. Our digital marketing team will begin to review the data and start planning the first round of optimizations.

Beginning the second week after the campaign launch, your GRO account manager will check in on a bi-weekly basis to share insights into your campaign performance. If you don’t need that much TLC from us (or you are simply too busy), we’ll be more than happy to scale back to fit your needs.

After 30 days of collecting campaign data and feedback from the monthly reporting call, the digital marketing team will start making adjustments to the campaigns to improve performance. Adjustments may include but are not limited to: new ad copy, new creative, keyword additions and exclusions, bid adjustments, landing page revisions. Optimizations will be made on a weekly basis and will continue on for the entirety of our partnership!

5 Ways GRO Generates New Patients For Orthopaedic Clinics

At GRO all digital strategies are unique for every orthopaedic clinic and their objective. Here are 5 ways we can increase new orthopaedic patients for your clinic.

  1. Improve brand awareness and trust through Local SEO optimizations: This trust can be built through NAP optimizations, Google my business updates, map optimizations, on-site content and much more.
  2. Promote you brand on Social Media: Run ads on popular social media platforms to promote your clinic; Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more.
  3. Offer value on your orthopaedic surgery website: This involves creating informative content for services and surgeries your clinic provides.
  4. Optimize your orthopaedic brand for mobile: This involves ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly so that patients can easily access it from their smartphones. This could include a custom orthopaedic website design if necessary.
  5. Boost visibility on Google and other search engines: capture high intent search volume and drive more patients to your clinic through search engine marketing ads.


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