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GRO’s Google Ads strategy produces 4 to 1 return on investment and shatters cost per lead goal.

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The Story

ed2go was founded in 1997 to provide quality education the fastest way possible — online. What began as an email correspondent program has grown into a leading online continuing education provider, reaching life – long learners in 50 states and more than 16 countries.


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GRO's approach

a new strategy

ed2go was searching for a digital marketing agency to assist them in growing their e-learning division. Their previous marketing vendor failed to meet expectations due to poor campaign execution and lackluster communication. ed2go needed a marketing partner that had the talent and resources to drive online signups and produce a positive return on their investment. After analyzing the previous marketing agency’s campaigns, GRO was confident that positive results could be generated in a short period of time. ed2go and GRO secured their partnership and began working on a new strategy to launch January 2022.

GRO created and launched a Google search advertising campaign that focused on ed2go’s freight broker training course. Even though the budget was large and the campaigns targeted the entire United States, GRO kept the keyword universe small and strict. Thousands of keywords were available to target, but GRO decided to only focus on 20 keywords they felt gave them the best chance to be successful.

the results

freight broker success!

The strategy proved to be a winner. Since the campaign launched in January 2022, ed2go’s Google Ad campaigns produced a 4 to 1 return on ad spend! Over 2,000 conversions were generated at a cost per lead 50% lower than ed2go’s CPL goal!

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4 to 1

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