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GRO’s paid search strategy produces thousands of leads for a top-rated Alabama orthopaedic clinic.

About AOC

The Story

For decades, Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic (AOC) has been providing quality and proven orthopaedic care to the South Alabama communities and beyond. They are the only orthopaedic clinic in the Mobile area to offer Robotic Spine Surgery. Their dedication to providing the best orthopaedic technology and care has earned them majority local market share and attracts patients as far as Florida and Louisiana.




South Alabama


Digital Marketing


Paid Search Advertising

GRO's approach

rebuilding from scratch

AOC had a hunch that their previous marketing agency was mismanaging their digital campaigns, resulting in thousands of dollars wasted on tactics that were failing to produce results. GRO was given access to the campaigns and confirmed that the campaigns were indeed under-performing due to poor campaign structure, audience targeting and ad messaging. GRO was also informed that AOC was never provided campaign reports, so they were truly “flying blind” and were clueless to the health of their campaigns.

GRO completely rebuilt AOC’s Google Ad strategy to focus on both general orthopaedic searches and specialty searches. This would provide the agency an opportunity to be hyper- specific with their ad messaging. If one prospect searched foot and ankle doctor, they would be served an AOC ad with foot and ankle specific messaging. If another prospect simply searched orthopaedic surgeon, they would be served an AOC ad with orthopaedic surgeon messaging.

the results

high conversions + low costs

Targeting both general orthopaedic terms and specialty areas proved to be a winner. In less than a year, AOC Google Ad campaigns produced over 4,700 conversions at a high conversion rate and low cost per conversion


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